Friday, July 07, 2017

Be my Infinitas!*

Nothing is better than being able to give all your love and devotion to someone to 'infinitas' and beyond... and what better way to do it than by giving someone a token of that unconditional love? Michael Hills Jewellers and I have collaborated on this blog post to bring to you some jewellery pieces from their "Infinitas" Collection. This collection was created as a way to celebrate the relationships we hold dearest to us, whether it is between a husband and wife, mother and daughter or between partners or best friends. The 'Infinitas' design was to help one express the deepest and most long-lasting love that anyone can give.

For this collaboration, I was given a chance to pick out my favourite pieces and was asked to write about those items. Seeing as I came from humble beginnings, where money was always an issue and jewellery was something saved for the utmost special occasions - and this didn't include birthdays for me, I thought I would select three pieces that wouldn't heavily put a burden on your wallet, and rather have a classic design that would be timeless and be "infinitas" (being as it's the theme of this collection).

Each jewellery you select will be nicely packaged in a beautiful purple box and with a nice silky ribbon tied at the front. What I actually love about Michael Hill's Jewellers stores is the genuine and warm service that I always get from them. By the end of my purchase, I feel as though I've known the staff member my whole life. They always make sure you are taken care of and just always give you great customer service no matter who you are. They will give you top quality service even if you don't have a dollar to your name.

Granted I don't know much about jewellery being not a professional, but I just wanted to showcase some of my picks from the 'Infinitas' Collection from Michael Hills Jewellers!

Now let's talk about the actual grand "Infinitas" jewellery. As you know, each piece in this is centred behind the idea if "infinitas" which is the Latin noun for endlessness, boundless, forever, infinity...and so on. So the 'infinity' symbol is incorporated in each item as you will see.

Infinitas Ring in Sterling Silver ($99 AUD)

First item of choice is the 'Infinitas Ring in Sterling Silver'.

A simple, yet classic design ring that has horizontal alternating hearts with the infinity symbol that is centred in the hearts.  What I adore about this ring is that it no matter what size fingers you have, it'll look good on you. The sterling silver makes it easy to pair with outfits and with your skintone as well. And whether you like to wear it casually or wear it paired with other plain bands, this ring can be the centrepiece.

This ring is just so easy to wear and to give as a gift, especially for someone that you can imagine being in your life forever... I love the limitless possibilities of what this ring could mean when given to someone, especially to couples or partners.

Infinitas Ring with Enhanced Black Diamonds in Sterling Silver ($149 AUD)

Here's a ring that's more fun, comtemporary and sweet to the T! The 'Infinitas Ring with Enhanced Black Diamonds in Sterling Silver' is something I can see the younger demographic would be into as it's very youthful, cute and extremely trendy to what the younger generation would like. The design is in a bow-tie shape with the infinity symbol beautifully sitting on the top. Now, the star of the show on the sterling silver stage are the Black Diamonds. To me, this ring has a unique, modern and elegant appearance to it. When worn on the finger, you don't need other rings to compliment it. It's the only ring you need on your finger.

Infinitas Pendant with Diamonds in Sterling Silver ($99 AUD)

Now here's my favourite piece out of the three - the 'Infinitas Pendant with Diamonds in Sterling Silver'. Honestly, do I need to say more? This is a timeless piece that you can wear with anything - whether it's with a casual outfit or part of a glamorous look, this necklace will compliment whatever you are wearing. I absolutely looooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee the intertwining of the sterling silver creating that beautiful heart shape that twists into an infinity symbol. And as a stunning finishing touch, there's a delicate diamond that is embedded between one of the loops in the infinity symbol. The pendant comes with the sterling silver necklace. It's so elegant and gorgeous necklace.

Instantly looking at this necklace, I had envisioned the perfect and endearing scenario where someone would give to their loved ones and promises to be there for them forever no matter what happens - through rain or shine, night or day, thick or thin. This piece is just the ideal way to show anyone that forever is on the cards and you're giving them that card.

Now Michael Hill have created different variations of this, containing different styles, different contents and different budgets to cater to different people. But they generally have the heart and the infinity symbol in the centre.

I honestly believe the idea of forever is so beautiful and romantic. It's a very hard thing to promise someone and to keep it as well. It's not something that you say lightly, as it's a commitment made from the heart that needs to be kept. And having a small gesture, such as a necklace, ring or a small gift symbolising that forever is just so endearing. Michael Hill did a magnificent job at creating a whole collection dedicated to the idea of "infinity" that would cater to all budgets, all people and all styles.

If you want the perfect gift to give to someone or even to yourself to remind them of forever, or a boundless love or a never-ending cycle of support... the 'Infinitas' is definitely the collection you should check out.

I hope I have helped you in some way and that whatever happens in life, know that there are people in your life that will give you an "infinitas" of love and support.

As always, thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored to showcase and to promote the Infinitas Collection, as part of this collaboration. However, this post has not been compensated or compromised in any shape or manner. All thoughts and opinions are based on my personal experience with the brand and products. Everything mentioned in this post is 100% honest and genuine. All links used are for information purposes only and to help find information conveniently for readers. 


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